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With so many horny, beautiful, willing coeds at college, it’s understandable that a guy might have a hard time staying loyal to his girlfriend. And if he does cheat, he shouldn’t be surprised if his chick decides to get even. This college honey gets her revenge in a way that satisfies both her anger and her horny pussy. She gets her pink-haired roommate to join her in a threesome with her cheating boyfriend’s roommate, who has no problem shoving his dick into these girl’s mouths. After enjoying a double blowjob, his next job in the revenge plan is to fuck his friend’s roommate. So he kneels behind her, grabs her ass cheeks, and pounds her pussy into a passionate orgasm.

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A group of gorgeous college girls decide to adorn themselves in sexy cowgirl costumes and lasso some hard cock to play with. They find what they’re looking for in the hallway, and have no problem persuading some horny studs to accompany them back to their dorm room. Once there, these Stetson-wearing sluts strip off their outfits, allowing their partners to admire and get aroused by their skimpy g-strings, perky tits, and sexy asses, which they jiggle enticingly before kissing the guys and sucking their erect cocks. One babe climbs on the bed for some doggy-style fucking, while another gets rammed missionary style. And, of course, each of the girls gets a chance for some wild cowgirl screwing, too.

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