College Dare Dorm Pool Party Video

dare dorm pool party

It’s saturday night and I’m feeling a party coming on people! That means dorm sex and dare videos my friends! The other night we had a party in the dorm and it was a pool party. We had a blow up mini pool in the dorm and filled it with water. The theme of the party was tropical and it was awesome. The margaritas were flowing and the bikini tops were coming off quickly. Girls were giving blowjobs and they were fucking dudes in the pool. Hahaha, classic college mayhem at its best!

Dorm Pool Party Video

Free Fun Club Dorm Dare in California

free fun club daredorm
This college dorm dare update is off the chain my friends! We had a few of the local hot college girls submit a dare video to us today. It was pretty intense. A group of students were hanging out in the dorm room. The girls got naked after coming home from a football game at a college in california. They were making out with each other and doing dares while drinking in the dorm. Next thing you know girls are sucking dicks and getting fucked left and right! LOL It’s a dorm fuckfest free for all and we fucking love it!

Fun Club Dorm Dare

College Girls In Lesbian Dorm Dare Sex Video

lesbian dorm dare

We have a treat for you all today! Who likes lesbian college girls!?!?!?! If you tell me you don’t then you’re a fucking liar! Haha. So we had some sexy lesbian college girls send us a crazy dorm dare video. They were playing some drinking games with about four girls and one of them made a dare to lick the other girls pussy on video. It was an amazing video and these girls know how to have a real good fucking time. College girls need a chance to experiment and get crazy so these girls did the right thing and they made good money for sending it to us! Fucking epic lesbian action! Awesome!

Lesbian Dorm Dare Video

College Girls Having Sex In Coed Dare Video

dare dorm loving company

We had an awesome dorm sex video submission the other day here at college dorm dare! This one was a serious party with college girls getting naked and licking tits.  They actually brought in one of the guys that live in the dorm to have some fun too! He had a boner and one of the girls took care of it by jerking him off and sucking his dick while he smailed and laughed away! He fucking loved it! The two girls were partying and dirty while licking pussies and getting fucked! How I love college dare video so fucking much! The weekend is almost here people so get the submissions rolling!

College Dare Video

DareDorm Texas College Trishia Strip Poker Sex Video

DareDorm My Turn

Texas is a really crazy state and we have the goods to prove it people! This group of crazy college students were playing a game of strip poker in their dorm room. They were getting fucking crazy and having a good time. Everything was going according to Trishia’s plan and she was ready to bust out the video camera. Once things were getting nice and hot she whipped out the camera and started recording her first dorm sex tape with this group of college students. This was one of the best college dorm dare videos submitted and it was totally worth the $10K!

DareDorm Strip Poker Video