Free Dorm Dare Orgy Video

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This is one dorm dare orgy video which you do not want to miss! These four girls decided to record an awesome dare dorm movie to submit in order to make some cash. Let me tell you how this shit went down. The girls were hanging out and undressing for the camera. One of them decided to bust out some of the toys for some serious fun! They attached the toy to the bunk bed and began fucking it. This was absolutely incredible. If you have not seen this video you will want to for sure. College sex at its best!

Dorm Dare Orgy Video

Dare Dorm Girls Giving Best Gift Video

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Amateur girls in the Dare Dorm give the best gift ever! They are always considered the best gift when it’s a threesome sex adventure they give someone. These two girls decided to make a sex video with this lucky guy for his birthday and it was by far the best gift he has ever received! Stuff like this happens all the time in the dare dorm. It’s pretty fucking insane! College girls are my favorite. LOL

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Awesome Dare in Dorm Results in Blowjob

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College is a crazy period during our lives. Often times students place bets with each other and do dares in hopes of getting a few laughs out of one another.  Well, this group of college students were playing spin the bottle and they decided to take things as far as possible. They made a dare with one girl that she wouldn’t suck this guys dick on camera. Well, she sucked his dick and she did it very well. Dare domr movies are fucking awesome!

Amateur Dorm Dare Video

Real College Dare Orgy Video

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We had a bunch of amateur college girls in the dorm the other day and they wanted some dick! LOL These girls lost a water gun game that they had in the dorm and the result of that was going to be a dick sucking and real college dare orgy video! The girls got completely naked and waited for started working on the guys cocks. They were sharing and sucking back and forth with each other. You can find tons of dare dorm college videos all over the place here for free too! It was one of the craziest college dorm dare videos we have ever seen and the water gun fight was absolutely amazing as well. I love these dare videos!

College Dare Orgy

Dare Dorm Pennsylvania College Sandwich

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Yo yo my peeps! We got another fantastic update for all y’all just in time for the Steelers Championship game! These two girls are in a college in Pennsylvania and they decided to make a fucking crazy sex tape for some cash. They were pre gaming it up in the dorm and taking shots and messing around. The music was bumping and the drinks were going down easy. They were down almost as easy as these girls were. They had sex with some guy on video and even threw some shout outs to the Dare Dorm while recordign the video. This shit is a classic! I love when girls in the dorm do dares on video!

Dare Dorm College Sandwich