Awesome Dare in Dorm Results in Blowjob

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College is a crazy period during our lives. Often times students place bets with each other and do dares in hopes of getting a few laughs out of one another.  Well, this group of college students were playing spin the bottle and they decided to take things as far as possible. They made a dare with one girl that she wouldn’t suck this guys dick on camera. Well, she sucked his dick and she did it very well. Dare domr movies are fucking awesome!

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Dare Dorm Room Sex Video Treat

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This is a nasty college girl that got caught making a sex video in her dorm! LOL She was partying with some friends playing flip cup and getting crazy the other day. She was getting so crazy that her guy friend decided to take advantage and bust out the video camera to record their sex session. This was a real three course treat for the guy. He got to lick pussy, get fucked and get it all on tape. I wish I was at this college party too! Dorm dare videos are the best ever! Keep up the great work students!

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Dare Dorm Ohio Girls Make A Sex Video

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This college dorm dare video was made in Ohio. It was really fucking insane is all I gotta say! These two students made a sextape and we sent them $10K cash for doing it too! The college girl has a perfect ass and nice tits too. Their friend recorded the video and it’s super amateur. That’s the fucking beauty of it though! All these dorm dare movies are 100% real and amateur students having sex for cash! Ohio, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to making a dare sex video!

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College Dare Dorm Pool Party Video

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It’s saturday night and I’m feeling a party coming on people! That means dorm sex and dare videos my friends! The other night we had a party in the dorm and it was a pool party. We had a blow up mini pool in the dorm and filled it with water. The theme of the party was tropical and it was awesome. The margaritas were flowing and the bikini tops were coming off quickly. Girls were giving blowjobs and they were fucking dudes in the pool. Hahaha, classic college mayhem at its best!

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Dorm Dare Nevada College Sex Movie

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These college students are crazy fuckers these days. They spent the night partying and getting their crunkness with a tight knit group in the local college dorm. They were getting so crazy and were doing funny things when someone started filming the movie. The girls loved it. They instantly got horny it seems and they went right after the guys and their man meat. LOL. Two of these girls decided to show this one guy what a real good time was. He was licking one of their pussies as the other gave him a blowjob. Simply stunning I might say. College dorm dare movies rule!

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Free Fun Club Dorm Dare in California

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This college dorm dare update is off the chain my friends! We had a few of the local hot college girls submit a dare video to us today. It was pretty intense. A group of students were hanging out in the dorm room. The girls got naked after coming home from a football game at a college in california. They were making out with each other and doing dares while drinking in the dorm. Next thing you know girls are sucking dicks and getting fucked left and right! LOL It’s a dorm fuckfest free for all and we fucking love it!

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Amateur College Dare Dorm Sex Video For Cash

Sometimes in life you meet crazy people that love to get crazy. These people are often individuals you meet in college and these two horny students are just the same! They made a homemade sextape in their dorm the other day and it was fucking amazing. The teen girl had amazing big tits and they were flopping everywhere as she was getting fucked from behind. She was screaming as she was cumming multiple times. They made this tape in a college dare and we are so glad that they did. College is the best time ever! I wish I could fuck every college babe out there!

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Dare Dorm Crazy Times Video Lexie Sex Tape

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Lexie and her friend were playing some foosball in their college dorm one night. They were drinking and partying like crazy students normally do. However, things got crazy insane when they started putting wages and dares on the games. Well, these two girls were getting naked and ended up fucking some guy in a threesome sex tape in the dare dorm. College students love hanging out and drinking in their dorm. It’s absolutely amazing. I live for this shit!

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Dare Dorm Pennsylvania College Sandwich

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Yo yo my peeps! We got another fantastic update for all y’all just in time for the Steelers Championship game! These two girls are in a college in Pennsylvania and they decided to make a fucking crazy sex tape for some cash. They were pre gaming it up in the dorm and taking shots and messing around. The music was bumping and the drinks were going down easy. They were down almost as easy as these girls were. They had sex with some guy on video and even threw some shout outs to the Dare Dorm while recordign the video. This shit is a classic! I love when girls in the dorm do dares on video!

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Florida College Girls Dorm Sex Video

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Whaddup suckas! It’s another college sex video extravaganza for all y’all. These girls are from a college in florida and they decided to spend the night hanging out in their dorm room. Well, you know what girls night means don’t you? Crazy acts and shaving pussies! LOL That’s what these girls like to do at least. They were licking each others pussies after shaving them and sneaking into guys dorms and everything. It was pretty badass. You’ll love this shit! Dare dorm rules!

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