Kimmy Waters Indoor Pool Dare Dorm Video

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This is one awesome dare dorm update! These crazy college students decided to make an indoor pool in their dorm room and then things got a little wild. College babe Kimmy Waters was in the dare dorm video and she is getting her pussy fucked so hard. This was the craziest sex video that I’ve ever seen in the dare dorm and I know you will fucking love it for sure! Go Kimmy Go!

Indoor Pool Dorm Sex Video

DareDorm Texas College Trishia Strip Poker Sex Video

DareDorm My Turn

Texas is a really crazy state and we have the goods to prove it people! This group of crazy college students were playing a game of strip poker in their dorm room. They were getting fucking crazy and having a good time. Everything was going according to Trishia’s plan and she was ready to bust out the video camera. Once things were getting nice and hot she whipped out the camera and started recording her first dorm sex tape with this group of college students. This was one of the best college dorm dare videos submitted and it was totally worth the $10K!

DareDorm Strip Poker Video

Dorm Sex Tape With Amateur College Babe

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This is another super sexy college babe that apparently isn’t afraid to make a fucking sex tape with her boyfriend. She was hanging out in her dorm room with her boyfriend. He just got a brand new video camera and he bagan testing it out taking some cute footage of his girlfriend just hanging around the dorm room.  I know that it sounds strange but he actually made a dare with her that she wouldn’t make amateur sex video in their dorm. Well she did and it was fucking awesome. I love dare dorm college fucking and the craziness that goes along with college girls and dorm rooms. I get so jealous that I don’t go to school with some of these hot babes. They are too amazing!

Dorm Sex Tape

College in Nevada Dare Dorm Extra Credit

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What do you get when you mix college girls, halloween, lots of alcohol and a video camera? Well, you get the best fucking college dare sex video on this planet! These girls were partying in their dorm room and they got really rambunctious and went over board with the booze. The guys wanted to make a sex video and being that the girls were feeling good and wanted to fuck anyways they were down to record the college sex video to make some extra cash. It was a crazy foursome and they were laughing and having so much fun. I dont’ blame them. I wish I was there to join the college orgy!

Dare Dorm Nevada

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