Dare Dorm Room Sex Video Treat

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This is a nasty college girl that got caught making a sex video in her dorm! LOL She was partying with some friends playing flip cup and getting crazy the other day. She was getting so crazy that her guy friend decided to take advantage and bust out the video camera to record their sex session. This was a real three course treat for the guy. He got to lick pussy, get fucked and get it all on tape. I wish I was at this college party too! Dorm dare videos are the best ever! Keep up the great work students!

Dorm Room Sex Video

Dare Dorm Ohio Girls Make A Sex Video

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This college dorm dare video was made in Ohio. It was really fucking insane is all I gotta say! These two students made a sextape and we sent them $10K cash for doing it too! The college girl has a perfect ass and nice tits too. Their friend recorded the video and it’s super amateur. That’s the fucking beauty of it though! All these dorm dare movies are 100% real and amateur students having sex for cash! Ohio, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to making a dare sex video!

College Dorm Sex Videos

College Dare Dorm Pool Party Video

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It’s saturday night and I’m feeling a party coming on people! That means dorm sex and dare videos my friends! The other night we had a party in the dorm and it was a pool party. We had a blow up mini pool in the dorm and filled it with water. The theme of the party was tropical and it was awesome. The margaritas were flowing and the bikini tops were coming off quickly. Girls were giving blowjobs and they were fucking dudes in the pool. Hahaha, classic college mayhem at its best!

Dorm Pool Party Video

Amateur Dorm Room Dare Sex Video

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We have another amazing dorm room sex video for you today! You’re gonna love this one for sure. These girls were hanging out in their dorm room on a thursday night. They always get crazy and party every thursday in college. It’s called “thirsty thursday” for a reason! LOL. Anyway, these two girls were having fun and playing some games in their dorm room with one of their guy friends. They broke out the video camera and started filming the stunts and funny dancing and everything they were doing. Well, it got a bit intense when the girls began stripping and fooling around with one another. All of the sudden these girls were naked and kissing each other. Their guy friend got naked as well and decided to have crazy college sex party in the dorm. They made $10k cash for it too! Amazing!

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College Girls Having Sex In Coed Dare Video

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We had an awesome dorm sex video submission the other day here at college dorm dare! This one was a serious party with college girls getting naked and licking tits.  They actually brought in one of the guys that live in the dorm to have some fun too! He had a boner and one of the girls took care of it by jerking him off and sucking his dick while he smailed and laughed away! He fucking loved it! The two girls were partying and dirty while licking pussies and getting fucked! How I love college dare video so fucking much! The weekend is almost here people so get the submissions rolling!

College Dare Video

Dare Dorm Crazy Times Video Lexie Sex Tape

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Lexie and her friend were playing some foosball in their college dorm one night. They were drinking and partying like crazy students normally do. However, things got crazy insane when they started putting wages and dares on the games. Well, these two girls were getting naked and ended up fucking some guy in a threesome sex tape in the dare dorm. College students love hanging out and drinking in their dorm. It’s absolutely amazing. I live for this shit!

Dare Dorm Crazy Times

Daredorm Our Secrets Video Featuring Gabby

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Are you a fan of college orgies or group sex in the dorm room? Well, our secrets is an amazing dorm dare video. I’m gonna tell you what happened here and you’re gonna love it. So these four students were in their dare dorm and decided that they wanted to make some extra cash. They made a crazy video of girls making out, sucking each others tits and just being plain old wild in college but that’s not it! One of the guys is getting a blowjob while eating fried chicken and a star of the video is a well known college football player too. This was an easy $10k that they made and we were so happy to get the dare dorm video submission. I love these college sex tapes!

Daredorm Video

Florida Dare Dorm Lips Experiment Sex Video

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These Florida college girls are so fucking crazy. We had a group of them send in a hot lesbian sex video with some serious pussy licking and fun time! They literally went for an all out lesbian fuckfest in this crazy video. I almost fell over when I saw what they were doing to each other. How I wish I was in college with these lesbian babes so fucking bad! Dare dorm has the best amateur dorm sex videos ever! You will love this shit!

Dare Dorm Florida Sex Video

Daredorm Teen Bria in Crossing Lips Video

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Guess who’s back with an amazing college dorm dare update for you all! Teen Bria was the girl of the hour for this crazy college video. These students created a sex tape that entailed lots of fun dares and fucking. Bria was looking to have some fun so she decided to make a crazy video of her doing random acts in the dare dorm room. Well, turns out one of the special acts she likes to do is fucking guys. Bria fucked this dude right on her desk in her room. The crossing lips video is out of control and Thank you Bria for submitting this footage!

Dare Dorm Crossing Lips

DareDorm Texas College Trishia Strip Poker Sex Video

DareDorm My Turn

Texas is a really crazy state and we have the goods to prove it people! This group of crazy college students were playing a game of strip poker in their dorm room. They were getting fucking crazy and having a good time. Everything was going according to Trishia’s plan and she was ready to bust out the video camera. Once things were getting nice and hot she whipped out the camera and started recording her first dorm sex tape with this group of college students. This was one of the best college dorm dare videos submitted and it was totally worth the $10K!

DareDorm Strip Poker Video