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With so many horny, beautiful, willing coeds at college, it’s understandable that a guy might have a hard time staying loyal to his girlfriend. And if he does cheat, he shouldn’t be surprised if his chick decides to get even. This college honey gets her revenge in a way that satisfies both her anger and her horny pussy. She gets her pink-haired roommate to join her in a threesome with her cheating boyfriend’s roommate, who has no problem shoving his dick into these girl’s mouths. After enjoying a double blowjob, his next job in the revenge plan is to fuck his friend’s roommate. So he kneels behind her, grabs her ass cheeks, and pounds her pussy into a passionate orgasm.

Dorm Tube

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This was a dare dorm celebration for sure! These crazy college girls decided to make an orgy sex video the other day. It was the most intense college sex video I have ever seen. Picture this, college girls with a lot of booze and weed. The girls got naked and literally had an amazing time. They were sharing random college guys and all on video. I love all the dare videos on the internet. These girls made $10K cash for their efforts in making a successful video. It was awesome!

Dorm Sex Videos