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With so many horny, beautiful, willing coeds at college, it’s understandable that a guy might have a hard time staying loyal to his girlfriend. And if he does cheat, he shouldn’t be surprised if his chick decides to get even. This college honey gets her revenge in a way that satisfies both her anger and her horny pussy. She gets her pink-haired roommate to join her in a threesome with her cheating boyfriend’s roommate, who has no problem shoving his dick into these girl’s mouths. After enjoying a double blowjob, his next job in the revenge plan is to fuck his friend’s roommate. So he kneels behind her, grabs her ass cheeks, and pounds her pussy into a passionate orgasm.

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These two hot girls were in the dare dorm the other day. They decided to bust out the video camera and make a hot college porn for the world to see. The girls were a bit tipsy from drinking and partying in the dormroom. That being said, it wasn’t hard to get them to have a threesome. In fact, they took the intiative to get their freak on! One thing I have to say about college babes is that they are super uber easy to get to have sex! This video hit the internet and it was fucking awesome!

College Porn Videos

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Naughty college roommates pose together in the bathroom of their dorm. Wearing t-shirts and panties, the girls tape themselves turning around and flashing their asses before moving to their bedroom. The tall blonde with short hair bounces her tits up and down in front of the camera then she and the brunette show off their makeshift blindfolds. The assertive short haired blonde presses the brunette against the wall of their dorm room, jerks down her pants and panties and lifts up her shirt. Next, they bring in the guys and each girl sucks and gets fucked, one on the top bunk of their bunk bed, the other on the bottom. In the end, the tall blonde goes down on the fit brunette in their bathroom, and they make-out against the sink.

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